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Accelerate Go Distance – Aircraft Takeoff Requirement

Accelerate Go Distance

Accelerate Go Distance


Accelerate Go Distance :

The distance required to accelerate to V1 with all engines at takeoff power, experience an engine failure at V1 and continue the takeoff on the remaining engine(s). The runway required includes the distance required to climb to 35 feet by which time V2 speed must be attained.

V1 Critical engine failure speed or decision speed – Defined as the Engine failure below this speed shall result in an aborted takeoff; above this speed the take off run should be continued.

V2 Takeoff Safety Speed – Defined as the takeoff safety speed which must be attained at the 35-foot height at the end of the required runway distance. This is essentially the best one-engine inoperative angle of climb speed for the airplane and should be held until clearing obstacles after takeoff, or until at least 35 feet above the ground.

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