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ADS-B Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast

FAA adsb-informationAutomatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast ADS-B is a next generation surveillance technology incorporating both air and ground aspects that provide air traffic control (ATC) with a more accurate picture of the aircraft’s three-dimensional position in the en route, terminal, approach and surface environments. The aircraft provides the airborne portion in the form of a broadcast of its identification, position, altitude, velocity, and other information. The ground portion is comprised of ADS-B ground stations which receive these broadcasts and direct them to ATC automation systems for presentation on a controller’s display. In addition, aircraft equipped with ADS-B In capability can also receive these broadcasts and display the information to improve the pilot’s situation awareness of other traffic.
• Automatic — Periodically transmits ID information with no pilot or operator input required

• Dependent — Position and velocity vector are derived from the Global Positioning System (GPS) or a Flight Management System (FMS)

• Surveillance — A method of determining position of aircraft, vehicles, or other assets

• Broadcast — Transmitted information available to anyone with the appropriate receiving equipment

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