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HUD – Head Up Display System

Heads Up Display - HUD

Heads Up Display - HUD

An aircraft system which provides head-up guidance to the pilot during flight.  It includes the display element, sensors, computers and power supplies, indications and controls. It may receive inputs from an airborne navigation system or flight guidance system.

Generally the HUD provides navigation and air data (airspeed in relation to approach reference speed, altitude, left/right and up/down glide slope) on a transparent screen between the pilot and the windshield. The concept of a HUD is to diminish the shift between looking at the instrument panel and outside. Virtually any information desired can be displayed on the HUD if it is available in the aircraft’s flight computer. The display for the HUD can be projected on a separate panel near the windscreen or as shown in the figure, on an eye piece. Other information may be displayed, including a runway target in relation to the nose of the aircraft, which allows the pilot to see the information necessary to make the approach while also being able to see out the windshield.

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