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Addicting Remote Control Helicopter – Syma S107

Syma Helicopter

Remote Control Helicopter

I started this website to advance aviation knowledge not to sell products but I have to share my experiences with this very addicting, fun little remote control helicopter. The technology behind very efficient electric motors is currently transforming aviation from the environmental control and engine starting on Boeing’s 787 to remote control aircraft such as the Syma S107 .

I read a review of the Syma S107/S107G R/C Helicopter  and had to have one. My excuse was “Stress Relief” but it really was the kid in me wanting to recreate what I had wished was available in the 1970’s when I was growing up. The $19 seemed reasonable. Delivered for free in two days using Amazon Prime

I was immediately impressed with the high quality of the helicopter construction. It is solidly constructed with a  metal frame and a plastic fairing.

Rechargeable via a supplied USB cable, the hardest part of setting it up after I removed it from the box was waiting for about 45 minutes for the helicopter to obtain a full charge. After charging and reading the supplied instructions I was flying a pattern around my living room tormenting our cats and dogs (actually one cat is fascinated by the helicopter but all the other animals run away in terror).

I have had a few accidents and the unit is very durable surviving all but a very catastrophic accident. During a high altitude mission (I have a 20 foot living room ceiling) i made contact with the ceiling and the Syma flipped over, hit the fireplace and landed sideways on the wood floor. Upon teardown I found a broken inner shaft head and  was very happy that replacement parts for just about everything on the helicopter are available online, especially eBay. I ordered the part for under $5 with shipping and was flying again in a couple of weeks. However I missed flying so much that I ordered another helicopter from Amazon Prime Addicting Remote Control Helicopter and was flying again in 3 days. I now own two and will be ordering more for gifts .

Here’s a video of the Helicopter from YouTube


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