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Airframe Icing

Aircraft Icing

Aircraft Icing

Airframe icing is ice accretions on the airplane, except for the propulsion system.
lowing it to run back and off the protected surface or freeze on non-critical

Where and When Icing Occurs

Pilots can encounter icing in any season, anywhere in the country, at altitudes of up to 18,000 feet and sometimes higher. Small aircraft, including commuter planes, are most vulnerable because they fly at lower altitudes where ice is more prevalent. They also lack mechanisms common on jet aircraft that prevent ice buildup by heating the front edges of wings.

Icing can occur in clouds any time the temperature drops below freezing and super-cooled droplets build up on an aircraft and freeze. (Super-cooled droplets are still liquid even though the temperature is below 32 ┬░Fahrenheit (F),

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