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ATA – Air Transport Association

Air Transport AssociationATA is an   Acronym for the Air Transport Association of America –  An  Airline trade association, representing some of the United States largest airlines.

ATA Airline Members

ABX Air, Inc. (GB) Federal Express Corporation (FX)
AirTran Airways (FL) Hawaiian Airlines (HA)
Alaska Airlines, Inc. (AS) JetBlue Airways Corp. (B6)
American Airlines, Inc. (AA) Southwest Airlines Co. (WN)
ASTAR Air Cargo, Inc. (ER) United Airlines, Inc. (UA)
Atlas Air, Inc. (5Y) UPS Airlines (5X)
Continental Airlines, Inc. (CO) US Airways, Inc. (US)
Delta Air Lines, Inc. (DL)
Evergreen International Airlines, Inc. (EZ)

The ATA has played and continues to plays a role in many aspects of the commercial aviation industry including the creation of the Civil Aeronautics Board and the Federal Aviation Administration, the creation of the air traffic control system, airline deregulation, security issues, the coordination of the establishment of Maintenance programs such as MSG-3.

ATA works with  experts representing a wide range of Aviation industry disciplines, and provides services to its members, including committees designed to deal with issues related to fuel, airports, engineering and maintenance, the environment, training, security, ground safety, non destructive testing, medical issues and international affairs.

ATA Member airlines transport more than 90 percent of all passengers and cargo in the United States.

The ATA website lists their mission as:

ATA serves its member airlines and their customers by assisting the airline industry in continuing to provide the world’s safest system of transportation; transmitting technical expertise and operational knowledge to improve safety, service and efficiency; advocating fair airline taxation and regulation worldwide to foster a healthy, competitive industry; and by developing and coordinating industry actions that are environmentally beneficial, economically reasonable and technologically feasible

ATA publishes specifications such as the ATA Spec 100

This specification defines a widely-used numbering scheme for aircraft parts and the organization of printed aircraft maintenance information.

ATA Spec 100 is used by aviation manufacturers, Airlines and suppliers  in the maintenance and repair of their respective products. This document provides the industry-wide standard for aircraft systems numbering, often referred to as the ATA system or ATA chapter numbers.

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