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Differential Pressure Gauge – Aircraft Gauge

Boeing 737 Aircraft Differential Pressure Gauge

Boeing 737 Aircraft Differential Pressure Gauge

Differential Pressure – Differential pressure, or psid, is the difference between pressures being read at two different locations within a system. For example, in a turbine engine oil system the pressure is read as it enters the oil filter, and also as it leaves the filter. These two readings are sent to a transmitter which powers a light located on the flight deck. Across anything that poses a resistance to flow, like an oil filter, there will be a drop in pressure. If the filter starts to clog, the pressure greater, eventually causing the advisory light on the flight deck to come on. The illustration shows a differential pressure gauge for the pressurization system on a Boeing 737. In this case, the difference in pressure is between the inside and the outside of the airplane. If the pressure difference becomes too great, the structure of the airplane could become overstressed.

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