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An internal or external occurrence that has its origin distinct from the airplane, such as atmospheric conditions (for example, gusts, temperature variations, icing, and lightning strikes, runway conditions, conditions of communication, navigation, and surveillance services, bird-strike, fire, leaking fluids, tire burst, HIRF exposure, lightning, uncontained failure of high energy rotating machines, etc.). The term is not intended to cover sabotage. (AC 23.1309-1D)

An occurrence that creates a hazard. This logic indicates that a Hazardous Event is an occurrence that creates the potential for harm; Initiating Event, or Root Cause, are more appropriate terms.

The Hazardous Event (now) defines the total sequence of events from the Initiating Event to the final outcome, the harm, the Initiating Event, Contributory Hazards, Primary Hazard, and Risk Severity.

The Hazardous Event under study is considered open or closed depending Report Status on the status of Hazard Control.

The Hazardous Event under study is considered open; the corrective action Report Status evaluation and verification is in process. The status will remain open until (Open) management has reviewed the actions taken and accepted the associated risk. All related Contributory Hazards are to be evaluated.

The hazardous Event under study is considered closed; the corrective Report Status action evaluation and verification is completed, and management has (Closed) reviewed the actions taken and has accepted the associated risk.

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