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Live Black Box

Live Black Box – A Live Black Box provides in-flight telemetry data transmitted from the aircraft to ground stations, such as the aircraft manufacturer or airline operator. This may include telemetry data, such as the data that is contained in the aircraft FDR -flight data recorder.

The Bombardier C series is the first airliner scheduled to provide the “Live Black Box”capability when it enters service, which is scheduled to occur in 2013. The streaming data will have three levels of fundamental functionality. First level will provide maintenance diagnostics. The second level will include data for flight operations and planning. And finally live data will be used for trend analysis and monitoring to proactively evaluate maintenance discrepancies in order to reduce aircraft downtime.

The concept of live, in-flight aircraft telemetry has become more popular since the crash of the Air France Airbus A330 over the Atlantic. The flight data recorder was never located.

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