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Living in the age of Airplanes – National Geographic



Simply Stunning… Previously released as an IMAX film, “Living in the age of Airplanes” is an outstanding documentary from National Geographic and Director/Producer Brian J. Terwilliger. This film is an absolute must see for aviation enthusiasts both young and old.. In true National Geographic style, this documentary takes us back to ground zero of humankind’s existence and our inbred desire to explore. For thousands of years flying was just a fantasy. Then in the flash of a century, flying and traveling above and across  the continents went from science fiction to reality. National Geographic does a great job of illustrating the discovery of flight and the advancement of air travel and development of the modern, intercontinental jetliners.

Today flying has become ordinary and we take it for granted. This film does a great job of bringing  back that feeling many of us had as children that the ability to fly is somewhat magical. If you love aviation, flying and airplanes there’s no doubt in my mind that you will watch this film numerous times as I have and I almost never usually watch movies twice.

Consider just how far we have come in what actually is a very short period of time in the history of mankind. This documentary brought back the feelings and remember how excited I was taking my first flight and flying my first aircraft.

During the short timeline and aviation’s first century, man’s journey took 200,000 years to migrate across continents and nearly as long to increase our average speed to anything above walking pace. Straddling the globe and continents within a day is a feat that most people take for granted. This film reminds the viewer of the reality is that the wonder of modern flight would appear to our ancestors as simply a miracle

Excellent, cinematography and narration, I liked it so much I even purchased the soundtrack. Living in the Age of Airplanes is narrated by aviation enthusiast Harrison Ford and had 95 filming locations in 18 countries spread over the seven continents. Utilizing the most modern ARRI ALEXA digital cinema camera, the visual imagery is captured capturing with superb clarity and superior color which “pops” out of the screen at you. Shots of both ancient and modern wonders as well as cities, airports and exotic locals add the visual buffet for aviation enthusiasts. The shots of the people all over the world which are captivating and go to reinforce how quickly we have advanced given that it took 200,000 years for humans beings to transit the continents.

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