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Runway Protection Zone – RPZ

Runway Protection Zone  – RPZ is an area off the runway end to enhance the protection of people and property on the ground. RPZ’s  function is to enhance the protection of people and property on the ground. This is achieved through airport owner control over RPZs. Such control includes clearing RPZ areas (and maintaining them clear) of incompatible objects and activities. Control is preferably exercised through the acquisition of sufficient property interest in the RPZ.   

RPZ Configuration/Location   

 The RPZ is trapezoidal in shape and centered about the extended runway centerline. The central portion and controlled activity area are the two components of the RPZ . The RPZ dimension for a particular runway end is a function of the type of aircraft and approach visibility minimum associated with that runway end.    

The central portion of the RPZ extends from the beginning to the end of the RPZ, centered on the runway centerline. Its width is equal to the width of the runway OFA.   


Runway Protection Zone (RPZ)

Runway Protection Zone (RPZ)


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