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SAFO – Safety Alerts for Operators – FAA Aviation Safety Information

Aviation Safety Alert OperatorsSafety Alerts for Operators published by the FAA often contain critical aviation safety related information that the FAA has determined  that various aircraft operators need to know.

Increases Aviation Safety Communication

The SAFO is intended to fill the gap left by the discontinuation in 1994 of the ACOB (Air Carrier Operational Bulletin) and attempts to re-establish a communication channel between FAA Flight Standards and operators. This channel permits a policy making division such as AFS-200 (Air Transportation Division) to convey important safety information concurrently to FAA field offices and to operators in a timely manner, without undue delays caused by bureaucracy between government offices.

SAFO’s are not regulatory required but may contain information and actions that are recommended to be taken voluntarily by the respective types of operators identified in each SAFO. The content of these alerts is intended to be valuable to air carriers in meeting their statutory duty to provide service with the highest possible degree of Aviation safety in the public interest.

Safety Alert Audience

  • Part 121 and 135 Air Carrier certificate holders
  • Managers of  Fractional Aircraft ownership programs
  • Aviation Training Center Managers
  • Directors of Maintenance ( D.O.M.’s) of part 121 and part 135 Air carriers
  • Accountable Managers at part 145 repair stations.

FAA Safety Alert Distribution

SAFOs are maintained by the FAA Flight Standards Service Air Transportation Division and are available for download on the FAA website arranged in categories and listed in chronological order.

In addition to being published on the FAA website, the FSS notifies its Region Managers, Aircraft Evaluation Group, Certificate Management Offices, Flight Standards District Offices and International Field Offices of new SAFOS.

Recently Issued Aviation Safety Alerts for Operators

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