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Semimonocoque Fuselage Design

Semimonocoque Fuselage Design: Semimonocoque fuselage design may use any combination of longerons, stringers,bulkheads, and frames to reinforce the skin and maintain the cross-sectional shape of the fuselage. The skin, which is fastened to all of these members, helps resist shear load and, together with the longitudinal members, the tension and bending loads. Longerons resist the majority of fuselage bending loads. Stringers help resist fuselage bending and stabilize the skin in compression. Bulkheads are used where concentrated loads are introduced into the fuselage,such as those at wing, landing gear, and tail surface attachpoints. Frames are used primarily to maintain the shape of the fuselage and improve the stability of the stringers in compression.


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