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TCDS – Type Certificate Data Sheets


Boeing 737 Series Type Certificate Data Sheet

Boeing 737 Series Type Certificate Data Sheet


Type Certificate Data Sheets– Type Certificate Data Sheets (TCDS) are a part of the Type Certification Process and contain information relevant to the certification of particular aircraft. TCDS contain information that is useful, not only at the time the aircraft undergoes certification, but as an ongoing resource for the life of an aircraft. Any time a Certificate of Airworthiness requires renewal or re-issue, aircraft configuration or aircraft performance information is required or some particular limitations are being considered, the TCDS may provide crucial information. Following are examples of what might be found on the data sheets, although the information does vary from aircraft to aircraft.   

  • Engines and propellers that can be installed and their limitations
  • Fuels and oils that are approved for use in the engine Airspeed limitations

Weight and balance limits, including the centre of gravity range and the datum   

  • The means for leveling the aircraft
  • Fuel and oil capacities and amounts that are unusable
  • Control surface movements Operating ceiling
  • The certification basis for the aircraft
  • Equivalent safety items
  • Special conditions
    The flight manual that is applicable to particular models
  • Placarding requirements
  • Configuration variations (e.g. Whether the aircraft may operate without a prop spinner)
  • Variations between aircraft models


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