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Ultralight Vehicle

As defined in part 103, an ultralight vehicle is a vehicle that?
(1) Is used or intended to be used for manned operation in the air by a single occupant;
(2) Is used or intended to be used for recreation or sport purposes only;
(3) Does not have a U.S. or foreign airworthiness certificate; and
(4) If unpowered weighs less than 155 pounds; or
(5) If powered, weighs less than 254 pounds empty weight, excluding floats and safety devices
intended for deployment in a potentially catastrophic situation; has a fuel capacity not exceeding
5 U.S. gallons; is not capable of more than 55 knots calibrated airspeed at full power in level flight; and
has a power-off stall speed that does not exceed 24 knots calibrated airspeed.

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