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Bitchin Betty

Bitchin Betty is a term used by aircrews to describe the female voice used during aural warnings to alert aircrews that need to take immediate action to prevent something bad from happening to the safety of the aircraft. In particular, one voice, that of Boeing employee Leslie Shook has stood the test of time and is very familiar to the pilots operating F18 Hornet … [Read more...]

V speeds – Velocity-speeds

V-speeds or Velocity-speeds are standard terms used to define airspeeds / performance speeds in a wide variety of operating conditions which are important or useful to the operation of aircraft The actual speeds represented by these designations are true airspeeds specific to a particular model of aircraft, and are expressed in terms of the aircraft's indicated airspeed, so … [Read more...]

B-52 Stratofortress

Older than the United States Air Force pilots who fly it, the subsonic, long range and arguably the most successfull workhorse of the American Military has to be the B-52 Stratofortress. The swept wing, 8 engine aircraft can deliver a staggering 70,000 lbs of ordinance 8000 miles away (longer with inflight refueling. Here's a first person account from a Forbes magazine … [Read more...]

Living in the age of Airplanes – National Geographic

    Simply Stunning... Previously released as an IMAX film, "Living in the age of Airplanes" is an outstanding documentary from National Geographic and Director/Producer Brian J. Terwilliger. This film is an absolute must see for aviation enthusiasts both young and old.. In true National Geographic style, this documentary takes us back to ground zero of … [Read more...]

Quality Control – QC

Quality Control - QC- Conducting and directing supervision of the quality tasks (inspection of product) to ensure the quality requirements of the product are achieved … [Read more...]

Quality Assurance -QA

Quality Assurance - A management system for programming and coordinating the quality maintenance and improvement efforts of the various groups in a Airline, design and/or manufacturing organization … [Read more...]

SROV – Service Ready Operational Validation

The Service Ready Operational Validation - SROV  is a Boeing Commercial Aviation term referring to the aircraft manufacture coordinating with Airline customers by giving them exposure to a new aircraft series (737 max, 787, 737 NG) prior to the aircraft being delivered. Historically the SROV is conducted prior to the aircraft receiving certification from the FAA. The SROV … [Read more...]